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Could you possibly imagine being unable to do something because of who you are, aren't or would like to be?

For those who don't face these kinds of challenges in daily life, the concept of freedoms being taken away from you, simply because of who you are, is an outrageous, unimaginable thing. Though still do this day, a few black lines on a piece of paper, a couple of words spoken to a crowd dictates that the way that some people live their lives is objectively wrong.

These words from politicians, religious leaders or even family members, the sentiment is all the same.

You can not be who you want to be, because I say so.

Through 'Disillusionment' we want to create an emulation of that experience of having access to everything that makes you yourself and having those things slowly taken away, just because we wanted to.


Design and Conceptualisation:

Harrison Metcalfe

Andrew Thorley


Tylah Kapa

Jack Pettit

Audio Design:

Andrew Thorley

Third party tools: This game primarily utilised the basic Unity Engine version 5.5. Though products such as FMOD were utilised throughout development. Tree assets were downloaded from the assets store, a package named Stylized Trees (Low Poly) by Tom Poon.

Operating System: Windows 7 and above. MacOSX build coming soon.

Storage Space Required: Disillusionment will require around 20MB of disk space.

More information

Published 116 days ago
AuthorsKapa, Harrison Metcalfe, JackSAE
Tagsartgame, qantm, sae, walking-simulator
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


Disillusionment.rar (20 MB)